Dapper in Disneyland

Another Disneyland trip? You betcha!

In January, my friend Ruth and I took a very impromptu trip to Disneyland. My parents were going down and offered us a ride and that was all the persuasion we needed. We quickly packed up our fanciest duds and made the trip down to L.A.

After nearly a year away, it was so nice to be back.

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It was equally thrilling to be there with Ruth, who was just as excited about a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth as I was. I mean, just look at the joy on this girl’s face.

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All because she is on a suspension bridge.

We tried to hit as many of our Disneyland staples as we could in the three days we had.

We spun ourselves silly on the teacups,

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Took a ferry ride with a gang of merry, singing pirates,

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Bought matching, super official-looking Mickey-themed Conductor hats,

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Sailed the seven seas and tried not to be raided by more singing pirates,

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Took pictures of strangers,

(A quick aside: Seriously! Look at these two! Are they not the most adorable thing you have ever seen? They were also really nice about the fact that I practically hunted them down from the opposite end of Main Street and stopped them so I could take their picture.)

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Enjoyed the warm California sunshine,

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Drank exotic themed, over-priced drinks at a tiki bar but everything was fine because they were delicious and the bartenders were really good at making us laugh,

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And for a day, lived in a world where nothing sucked and everything was beautiful.

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I often don’t like to vacation by setting any type of a schedule but to fit in everything that we wanted to do, every morning at breakfast we would plan out our day on Ruthie’s phone. And it usually revolved around eating at all the ¬†fine dining establishments around the park.

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The Blue Bayou has always been one of my favorites. We got mint juleps and desert because that was the cheapest route and we didn’t always make the healthiest choices but, common, we were on vacation!

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It was refreshing to be there while the weather was akin to the weather we are used to in San Francisco. We were asked many times if we were cold when we wore our dresses. The conversations usually went a little something like this.

Cast Member: Aren’t you two girls cold?
Ruthie: Oh no, we’re used to this weather. It feels just like home.
Cast Member: Where are you from?
Ruthie: San Francis-
Cast Member: Ooooooooooh…. Well, have a magical day!

We also had lots of feelings when the sun went down and the lights came on and just when you thought things couldn’t get any more magical, by golly, they did.

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For three days, Ruth and I got to let our inner child come out to play. We got to forget the outside world and just be ridiculous. And that is priceless.

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Stay tuned in the coming days for the pictures I took with my 35mm camera!