Washington Thus Far

I moved to Washington about a month ago, Bainbridge Island to be more specific, just across the water from Seattle. I’m here to work out on the water but I’m very much enjoying what the land has to offer as well. And it’s been beautiful so far.

California, I love you but this is what you are missing! #mountains #rainier

New short term life goal: become a regular.

Crumpet with lemon curd and Irish breakfast tea. I could eat this every morning.

Hello Seattle, Good night Seattle

What a fangirl

Variety show attached to a pub. Yes. #moisturefestival

#springtime in #seattle

Not to mention spring time is just around the corner so I can enjoy the used bookshops, hiking trails, and crumpets galore in the drizzle and sunshine. I am constantly astounded by the constant beauty that surrounds this place. I can’t wait to explore all the hidden nooks and crannies of this place as well as how it is transformed by the changing of the seasons.