30 Days of Nanowrimo: Day Four – Writing at Work

by Kayla Trail

One of the greatest challenges about Nanowrimo is the fine balance between keeping some semblance of a life while taking time out of your busy schedule to make your target two thousand words per day. For myself personally, it is finding time to write with my crazy work schedule.

Here is what it looks like when I write at work.


Yes, that is a porthole. I have a super-cool-fun-mega-awesome job where I get to sleep on a historic ship about two nights a week.

This is when things get challenging. When you work on a living history program, you can’t exactly have your laptop out, even if you’re out of view of the public, I still don’t want to risk my kids seeing me with some modern technology.

So I will usually end up sacrificing an hour or two of my already short night of sleep on board the Balclutha to bring my story to life. That is what is so difficult and so great about this project, writing all the time, wherever and whenever you get a spare couple of stolen moments.

Waiting for a bus? That’s enough time to punch out a few hundred words.

In line at the grocery store? Jot down some ideas in your phone.

About to turn into your bunk on a historic sailing ship? The perfect time to write a few pages.

Hope everyone participating in Nanowrimo is doing well so far. Keep up the good work and keep on writing!

A quick question, if you’re participating in Nanowrimo, what are some ways you fit Nanowrimo into your life? Do you take the route of fitting it into your schedule or do you wipe out your schedule completely and just let Nano take over? It’s a fine balance and I’d love to hear how any of you out there survive during November.

xo Kayla