Some More Postcards!

by Kayla Trail

Because I have was gone most of the summer, I was not able to send as many postcards through Postcrossing as I would have liked. But here are some of my favorites I received while I was away and since I’ve returned.

I particularly like these ones for their bright, fun colors. Who doesn’t love a close up of a pink rubber ducky? This gal sure does!


from The Netherlands


from Quebec, Canada

img131 100_2270
from Germany                                                      from Germany

Boats, boats, boats! On my profile I say I’ll love any cards sent to me but ones featuring ships would be greatly appreciated. About 1/3 of the cards I get feature boats in one way or another which makes me extremely excited, especially from places with rich maritime histories.


from Russia

from Estonia

from the Netherlands

from Germany

img144 img140
from the Netherlands                                        from Lithuania


This card was sent to me from China and I had one of those “small world” moments. She took a trip to San Diego and visited the Maritime Museum there, where she bought this postcard of the Star of India. The crazy thing is, I work at the San Francisco Maritime Park on the Star of India‘s sister ship, the Balclutha, who sailed temporarily under the name Star of Alaska. It still blows my mind a little bit.

And then there’s some miscellaneous ones that I think are pretty or… interesting.

from Belarus

from China

from Belarus

img141 img070

from Holland                                                                         from Ukraine

That’s all for now! Take care and be good to each other.