by Kayla Trail

My Bat Phone

Photograph (via)

We rarely get phone calls to our house phone. Who would ever call? You never know who will pick up or if we’ll even be home. In the ever-connected world we live in nowadays, it’s much more appealing to call a mobile phone. When our house phone rings, it’s usually my grandpa calling my mom in the evening or the occasional telemarketer.

But once upon a time, our phone number did not belong to us. It belonged to one Mysteria Williams, who has possessed a rather mysterious presence in my life as long as I have lived in my parents’ house.  I’ve always wondered, who is this woman?

A name like Mysteria (Latin for mystery) can add a lot of pressure to a person and the life they live.  To have a life not shrouded in constant suspense and wonder would see like a let down. Do others expect mystery from her? Where is she now? Is she even still a live?

Well, to me she has certainly lived up to her name. And with Nanowrimo inching ever closer and closer with each passing day, I think it’s about time I told the story of Mysteria Williams.