Just Another Day at the Office

by Kayla Trail

We sailed into McCovey Cove just in time for the seventh inning stretch!

September is well underway, school is back in session which means work is back in full swing. I’ve been trying to post more often to get myself in the habit of writing everyday in preparations for Nanowrimo. However, work has got the best of me and I’ve been pretty much working or sleeping in the past two weeks. And if I’m not doing either of those, I’m locked in the relentless battle of trying to find an affordable apartment in San Francisco. So far, the sky rocketed property prices of the city are winning.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share this picture. After a rather stressful shift, I hopped aboard our scow schooner Alma and spent a beautiful afternoon sailing in the late summer sun with friends. We sailed into McCovey Cove in the middle of a Giants game, just in time for the seventh inning stretch and we all sang along to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” It was nice to be reminded that life likes to throw curve balls our way, which is not always a bad thing. Sometimes we swing and miss. Sometimes we strike out. And sometimes we knock it out of the park.

The important thing to remember is to swing in the first place.