I’ve been Lovely Blogged!

by Kayla Trail

Well, isn’t this a lovely turn of events! 

I have been nominated (quite a few weeks ago, woops!) for the One Lovely Blog Award by the amazing Thoughts of a Lunatic who is hilarious and genuine and has one of the best blogs out there. You should definitely go check her out.

I consider myself as novice a blogger as they come and I am tickled pink to accept!

There are, however, a few stipulations to accepting the award. One must:

A) Show your thanks to the person who nominated you and link back to them.

B) Share seven things about yourself.

C) Nominate up to fifteen other blogs you admire.

D) Contact the bloggers and leave them a message about the award!

And voila! You’ve got yourself an award! So first, here’s my seven facts about me.

1) This past summer I worked and lived aboard an historic sailboat. It was one of the best and most fulfilling experiences of my life.

2) In college I studied archaeology and geology. I’m currently using neither of these degrees but I had a fun time acquiring them, which is part of the point, I suppose.

3) This November will be my fifth NaNoWriMo and my second year heading up a region as an ML.

4) I am usually reading two or three books at any given time.  I am currently reading the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon, Mortal Geography by Alexandra Teague and King of  Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon by David R. Montgomery.

5) I work in outdoor education, mainly immersing kids in living history. This pretty much means I get to dress up and play on a daily basis.

6) I love Disneyland more than I think a 20-something probably should.

7) I’m really bad at thinking of these things…

And now some blogs I enjoy following:

The Landlubber Mariah runs a wonderful blog recounting her many travels and taking some breathtaking photography along the way.

Epbot  From the creator of CakeWrecks, Jen needs no introduction from me. I go to her blog for all of my nerdy, adorable, steampunk, and disney needs.

Paperlinks  A blog run by two of my very good friends. They are hilarious, fantastic artists and often completely inappropriate. Enjoy! And of course, each of their personal blogs:

Oh Halloran Ruth’s blog is composed of anecdotes, beautiful art, and her hilarious comic to fulfill all your Bro needs, The Astounding Brodown.

Battle Against Boredom Rachel’s blog full of wonderful art, doodles and mad things that come out of that girl’s head.

Atomic Redhead Janey, a professional antiquer, blogs beautifully of all things vintage.

Whelp, that’s all from me folks!