Why I’m a Tad Disappointed in Shark Week

by Kayla Trail

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. I have ever since I can remember. In fact, you might even say that ten-year-old me who wanted to be a shark-studying marine biologist marked it as the highlight of her year. In the past couple of years, watching Shark Week as an adult who is aware of the state of the oceans and shark populations, I must confess I’m nothing short of disappointed in the lack of education in the shows that are aired.

They say all press is good press but does the same go for sharks? I’m not so sure…

With press like this, who can expect the public to be on the side of sharks? Titles include “Sharkzilla,” “Air Jaws Apocalypse,” and “Shark Bite Summer,” and I can’t but wonder what the actual goal is here. Understandably ratings are important but with shark populations on a rapid decline, they are in desperate need for public support.  I would expect a channel like Discovery to focus on research, conservation, and understanding rather than sensationalizing the gore.

Sharks are in more danger than ever: the declining health of the oceans, shark finning, over-fishing and shark nets all pose a threat to these top predators. Surviving on top of their ocean food chains for millions of years so let’s band together to make sure the king of fish stick around for a few million years more.

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