Love What You Have and You’ll Have More Love

by Kayla Trail

Well, it’s been a while. Hello internet. I just completed my two months of living and working aboard a historic schooner. It’s hard for me to even begin summarizing my experience but it did make me realize a few things…


Realization #1: In most situations, the best thing to do is to be yourself. 

This one seems pretty self explanatory and also extraordinarily cliche but I’m constantly surprised by how often I wish some aspect of my personality were different. Over these two months, I was living in very close proximity to lots of people, many of them strangers. I was uncomfortable a lot of the time. Instead of wishing I felt differently, I simply changed my perspective –  looking at each situation as a challenge from which to grow instead of a crippling fear.

Realization #2: I love sailing! 

Now gentle reader, you are probably thinking But Kayla, of course you love sailing. Isn’t that why you applied to work on a sail boat? Of course, but did I love it enough to do it every day for two months? Well, I was happy to discover the answer is HELL YES!

Realization #3: It’s the people and the community that make an experience special.

Okay, this one was not a huge realization but it’s still one of those things that is always good to be reminded of every once in a while. The world can seem like such a dim and dreary place, the whole future of this glorious planet headed down the crapper and the media shoving every unpleasant occurrence down our throats. But when you are living in an environment surrounded by extraordinary people 24/7 it’s a little bit easier to let their awesomeness drown out some of the suck in the world.

More anecdotes to come later about my time at sea but for now that is all I have to say about that. I’ve still some more emotional processing and life planning to get through.

This week’s song is Firewood by Regina Spektor. I’ve been playing it on repeat for a few days now and the tone pretty well embodies the way I’ve been feeling this past week. Not to mention it’s simply a beautiful song.