Beginnings and Ends

by Kayla Trail

Sunset over San Francisco

Last weekend, Ruth and Rachel took me to The Cliff House to celebrate an awesome job I got for the summer. The day had been one of those unusually warm and gloriously sunny San Francisco days which forces everyone out of their winter dens and into the sunshine?The wait for a table was an hour so we had plenty of time to have some pricey but delicious drinks at the bar. (And I rediscovered how much I love Moscow Mules.)  At one point, Ru and I were feeling our drinks and decided to go on an adventure- which ended up being very short but worth the trip. We watched the sun set at that beautiful moment where you can actually see the sun going down. We watched the last remnants of the day disappear beyond the horizon and marveled at just how fast the earth was moving. And at that moment I felt my life moving at a million miles an hour but at some kind of stand still. I’m on the verge of a great adventure and I don’t know where it may take me but I finally feel like I am finally doing what I was meant to be doing.

Living a lifelong dream that has finally come to fruition.

Here goes…everything!