Celebrating 25 Years in Disneyland

by Kayla Trail

Last month, my family took a little vacation. With my sister moving across the country, we weren’t sure when the four of us could spend some quality time together again. My mom decided that for her 25th wedding anniversary, she wanted the four of us to spend a day in Disneyland. We arrived late Friday night and headed to the park early the next morning.

Day One:

Steph wasn’t able to come until Sunday so on Saturday my parents did their thing and I called up my friend Hayley who lives in LA.

Hayley and I spent the day wandering around, riding rides, eating more food than we should have and I played with my camera.

Here we see the poor, abandoned, and overgrown Fantasyland Skyway Station.

We rode the canoes and got soaked by kids who thought that rowing meant smacking their oars in the opposite direction the boat was travelling. Now that’s what I call fun.

It’s always a treat to catch the Dapper Dans. I particularly love when they break out their Organ Chimes.

Disneyland at night is my favorite.

On Saturday nights they have swing dancing with a live band! We saw some awesome outfits and the band, Stompy Jones, was amazing. I was dancing in my chair the whole time.

Day Two:

My lovely family, on our way to the park and preparing ourselves for brunch in the mythical Club 33.

Thanks Steph for the uber close-up glamour shot.

Steph reminds us that it is important to be discrete while entering the illustrious Club 33.

Dad smiling because he gets embarrassed when you try to take his picture.

That’s the bar, beyond which is the buffet area, which is followed by the dining room. It’s beautiful inside- the walls are covered in original artwork from the park and concept are from rides. There’s also some prop furniture used in some of Disney’s older movies.

Club 33 is the only place in the park where you can buy alcohol.

The bathroom had a little vanity area so I had to take a hispter picture… I just had to.

 It’s always a magical time in Disneyland, no matter who I’m with. It always seems like I’m planning my next trip back.