Postcrossing Round-Up

by Kayla Trail

One of my favorite hobbies, which I picked up in my six month unemployment scare after college, is Postcrossing. When you sign up, you request addresses of people from all over the world who also participate. As soon as you send off postcards to a few strangers and they have been registered as received, you will start getting postcards in return! While I do not currently have the means to travel, I can travel vicariously through all of these postcards I’ve received from all corners of the globe. Did I also mention how fun it is to get mail that is neither junk not bills? Here are some of my favorites:

Among some of the first postcards I received, this one continues to be my favorite. Sent from a university student in Lithuania, she explained that it is a card against discrimination and talks about her preference for living in a world with lots of different people.

From another uni student, this time from Germany.

Around Christmas time I got quite a few Christmas postcards. This one is from Holland.

And this one is from Germany.

This is another uber-favorite, a picture of a Japanese woman sent from a young bloke in Thailand, who also showed me what my name looks like in Thai!

This one was sent from a lady in Finland who described the seaside as her “soul’s scape.” This is one of the most beautiful phrases even written to me  and I never thought I’d meet such a kindred spirit through postcards.

A beautiful card sent from China and looks very much like the kind of train adventure in which I would like to partake.

This card is from a writer in Finland, who didn’t know what kind of cards I liked and therefore thought I would like this basket of mushrooms. She was quite right and also warned me to steer clear or the white ones with red spots.

This sender from Brazil was worried I would not like her card because apparently you cannot buy postcards in Brazil but you have to order them online. However, I was plenty thrilled to find this Van Gogh waiting for me in my mailbox.

Another card from Germany, this one displaying a gorgeous schooner. After a little googling, I discovered that she takes folks on sails, much like the boat I work on.

On the back this one says, “Here’s a photo of where I vacation every year.” My jealousy knows no bounds.


Would you like to starts sending and receiving postcards from strangers all over the world? Well you should because it’s a hoot and a half. Just head on over to Postcrossing to get started! Better yet, is there someone you haven’t spoken to in a while? Maybe an old friend who lives far away? Why not pick up a pen and write them a good ol’ fashioned letter? A few months ago I started a regular letter correspondence with a friend from college and it’s something I highly recommend bringing back.