Study Abroad Memories #1: Edinburgh

by Kayla Trail

These are just posts for when I’m feeling nostalgic, for when I miss traveling, and all the friends I made during my time studying abroad in London way back in 2009.

Edinburgh by far is my favorite city that I’ve visited so far, in my limited experience traveling. There’ s a vibe about the city that makes it seem like something out of a fairy tale …  like anything could happen there.

One thing I really do miss is travel by train. It was such a lovely way to relax and see the countryside. We spent the four hour ride from London to Edinburgh chatting, catching up on school work, munching, napping, but mostly just gazing out the windows as England rushed past us. And before we knew it, the voices over the intercom were thick with Scottish accents, indicating we had arrived at our destination.

The beautiful streets of Edinburgh

We had a habit of taking pictures that we later referred to as “our album covers.”

Yours truly, beaming because there’s a castle back there. In all my travels, I never get tired of castles.

On our second day we sat in on a public session of Scottish Parliament then had lunch in a cemetery.  Both of these things were weirdly enjoyable, although I have always been rather fond of cemeteries.

That afternoon we split up for a while and I meandered around on my own where I ended up people watching here. *high fives if you love watching people*

These shots never got old.

And we ended the nights the way we ended many a night, in a pub. I miss these guys dearly.

Like a true Englishman, Martin never let the constant drizzle bother him much.

On our last day we stumbled upon The Elephant House Cafe .

I think my face sums up my excitement. We were just happy to stop in and have some tea in this place but an even bigger surprise was waiting inside.

We ordered our tea then grabbed a table while we waited. We noticed that the table had drawers so we peeked inside. (How could you not? How often does a cafe table have drawers?) And we are so glad we did. Inside were tons on notes left by people who had traveled through. Many left notes about their time in Edinburgh or thanking JK Rowling for Harry Potter or left beautiful depictions of the castle-view from the window. These left us in girly fits of excitement and near tears.

Once I relaxed and got some tea in me, I was able to leave my own little note to the next travelers to pass through.

Couldn’t pass this one up. *Knock knock* Doctor? You in there?

Edinburgh captured my heart and I hope to be able to visit again, sooner rather than later.  If the city were a person, I would write it a long letter and give it a huge hug upon my return.