Nerdy References IRL

by Kayla Trail

Dear readers,

I love when nerdy references from my much-loved fictional obsessions peek their heads into my real life. The past couple of months have such little gems. I was recently making a trip up north via the 101, a delightful drive I’ve never made before.  While passing through the town of Benbow, I giggled to myself but proceed to flip out when I passed by this gem:

As a wee lass, Treasure Island was my first introduction to the world of pirates, tall ships, and adventure on the high seas and has always held a special place in my heart. While Jim Hawkins’ inn was names the Admiral Benbow Inn, I was quite delighted all the same and in no mood to be picky. Needless to say, I pulled off the highway and took a walk about. The day was lovely and I snapped a few more pictures of the beautiful northern California landscape.

I think I’ll have to make up an excuse to stay here at some point.

This next one I spotted while wandering around the Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco. Any Doctor Who fans out there know why I had to take this picture.

We choose what to think about and how we focus our thoughts and energy. I wonder sometimes if the time I spent thinking about trivial fictional characters could be spent bettering the world. But in the same token, these thoughts are what make me who I am and I would rather have Doctor Who story arcs and random novel locales rattling around my brain than, say, what the crew of the Jersey Shore is up to. Just, something else to think about.

Have a good one.