Christmas at Disneyland

by Kayla Trail



I was at Disneyland yesterday and could not help but be amazed at their Christmas decorations. They are so meticulous in their decorating and I noticed as I walked through all the lands, I noticed that they were tailored to each land.

The top left is from Main Street where they have beautiful garlands with shinny Christmas baubles. Top right is from Frontierland where they comprised mostly of big red bows and wreaths with pine cones, which were absolutely adorable. Bottom right is from New Orelean’s Square, where everything is Mardi Gras colors with beads and masks hanging from the balconies. They even had these Santa Claus crescent moons hanging from the trees that I wouldn’t mind hanging in my own yard. Bottom left is from Critter Country and were by far my favorite, with garlands full of pine cones and different apples.

The cutest. After my trip yesterday I am definitely in the Christmas spirit now. I try my best to wait until after Thanksgiving to give Christmas any thought. When I get home, I think it will be time to break out the tree, the lights and the ribbons and decorate the house for Christmas!