Eleven Eleven Eleven

by Kayla Trail


Today is 11-11-11 (Eleventh Doctor Day!) so on this luckiest of days, I thought it would be fun to show off my Eleventh Doctor costume. I wore this on Halloween and will be wearing it all day today in celebration.

It’s always so much fun to run around pretending to be the Doctor. His costume is very easy to put together and even easier on which to put a feminine twist.


The most expensive element of the costume was the Sonic Screwdriver, which was 30 bucks from ThinkGeek.com. A bit pricey but an essential part of the costume that is so fun to play with. I like to pretend to fix my electronics with it.

The parts of the costume I already owned were the boots and the skirt. The white and red striped shirt I got from Forever 21 for 12.00 dollars and the jacket I found at Gooodwill for 7.00 dollars. The bow tie, suspenders and watch I got off amazon for amazingly cheap. (Under 20 dollars for all three.) And the fez I got at a Halloween store for 3.00 bucks.

Last but not least, a final feminine touch I added was a gift a friend gave to me. Around my neck is a London telephone booth necklace a friend of mine painted blue. I thought it would be a perfect touch and a way to keep the TARDIS close to my heart at all times.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 11-11-11. Don’t forget to make a wish!

Is it childish that my wish is for the Doctor to come to my front door and take me on adventures?