Ahoy There!

by Kayla Trail

So here I sit, snuggled in my pajamas, watching Supernatural and munching on some Halloween candy. (Yes, I’m one of those people who just buys Halloween candy to munch on.)  I’ve never been good at starting blogs and I’m always at a loss of what to say. Perhaps this is why I have such a hard time getting to know people in real life – I’m awful at introducing myself.

An example:

Stranger: Hi my name’s Frank. What’s yours?
Me: Hi, I’m Kayla.
Stranger: So what are you in to?
Me: Oh, you know, stuff…

Elaborate, I know. There’s a few more awkward exchanges, maybe a pause or two that lasts for too long and before you know it, we’ve parted ways.

However bad I may be at starting blogs, that’s not where my weakness lies. I could probably count the number of blogs I’ve started on two hands. Just like all the diaries I had as a child, the problem is not starting… but keeping these things going. This blog symbolizes a new leaf for me. For the first time since I graduated college a little more than a year ago, I feel like my life is finally taking off and I want to document and celebrate all the awesomeness that happens!

I look forward to where this blog is going to take us all in the future and speaking to the voids of the internet for many years to come!